Want to give your track that extra punch? Whether it’s stabs on a verse, pads on the bridge or just an 8-measure solo after a chorus, adding live horns to your song can change everything! And you won’t even have to leave your apartment…

Already have a chart? We’ll read it. Just an idea? Send us a midi file and we’ll learn it. No idea at all? We’ll be happy to create a horn arrangement specifically for your song.

Here are just a few of things we can do for you:

Single horn solo – Send us your track, the timestamps for when you want it to start/stop and we’ll take it from there. Funky, jazzy, or way-out-west.

Two-piece horn section – The classic. Whether you want tenor sax and trumpet, bari sax and trumpet, or even trombone and flute, we’ll make it happen.

Three-piece horn section – Now we’re talking power. If you want two saxes and and a trumpet, two trumpets and a bari, or even three trombones, you’re going to get some serious punch for that hit you’re cooking up.

Four horns? Five? Nine?!? – We can stack as many parts as you want. Lend us your vision!

Master Replacement – Do you want that legendary horn part for your project but don’t want to pay for the expensive master recording? Get the publishing rights and we’ll recreate the horn parts note for note!

Sheet music! – For an additional fee, we can send you a pdf of the full arrangement so you can hire horns to perform the song live.

Need horns for more than one song? We’ll offer discounted rates for additional tracks!

Contact us for a free consultation and quote!*

Love, H2O.

*Prices vary based on how many songs you have, song length and complexity, the number of tracks you want and whether or not you need a custom arrangement.